Thoughts Matter

If you could offer healing energy to yourself and the world, would you?

Thoughts are powerful. Invisible, yet they take up space, have weight, and carry a vibration. They can stimulate some big feelings and when focused deliberately, they can be used to create sensations of choice. Numerous controlled experiments by scientists, including Greg Braden, have shown how thoughts carry energy and can help heal a body by transforming vibration. And how one thought, believed in, can change a person’s experience of reality. We don’t visually notice this, so it can be tough to wrap our heads around the concept. I’d like to share what convinced me.

When I left my body in the hospital bed below… I could see and feel energy.

I didn’t believe thoughts mattered until I saw it with my own eyes! When my body shut down and I started floating away there was a profound vibration of love holding me. I could not only sense it, it was visible. I could feel the essence of it all through me, around me and it seemed to extend into forever. It was tangible. I became it or I could say it became me. It felt allowing, delighted, and complete… the feeling was beyond any words I know. I nestled in this energy for what seemed a lifetime before I was nudged to turn around and look at my body below. Compassion flooded me as I understood what I was seeing… the thoughts I’d been carrying around in my body were alive. I could see them vibrating energy inside my human form. There were big ones, dark ones, and many unhappy clusters of ideas that I’d been holding as truths for a long, long time. Looming thoughts like: “I’m not good enough,” “My family should suffer for what they’ve done.” “Life is painful and unfair.” It was crystal clear that these were merely ideas, these thoughts were NOT ME! I looked again and realized these resentful conclusions held energy that was hurting my body. They were gathered in my abdomen like swallowed concepts never digested. The doctors called them Crohn’s disease. It was easy to see how this energy had  blocked my ability to receive nourishment… or anything else that resembled love. 

The understanding I was given changed me forever.

There was no mistaking that my harbored resentment had poisoned me… and thrived as a result of my investment in the belief, I am right. Weirdly, in that very same moment of understanding, I became aware that I could heal completely. The information coming to me was vivid… You can release blame and heal. An unusual sensation of certainty flooded me... You’ve been holding resentment in your body and letting it go is a choice you can make.

Swept into the ocean of love embracing me, I knew this high vibration could heal… anything.

What I am eager to share is... not only we can offer a healing vibration to our bodies, we can flow this soothing energy to anyone hurting. We each have the ability to touch others with the thoughts we carry. Imagine focusing kind energy on people around the world, across the country, and down the streets we live on. One moment of sending strength and encouragement can uplift a fellow human. Believing in someone and focusing on the determination and hope inside of them… multiplies it. I am certain they feel it.  

So Dear Friends, let’s set down criticism for a few minutes and replace any anger or blame we've been holding onto with kind thoughts that can inspire and nourish possibility. Together we can blanket the planet with hope.

 In physics, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects.”   Wikipedia

Sending love in my words,

The journey of healing is in Allowing, A Portrait of Forgiving and Letting Life Love You.




Posted by Holly Riley.