Genuine Thankfulness

As friends and family gather this year let’s bring something precious to the table by taking a moment to notice the goodness in each person present. Let’s share kindness instead of focusing on some memory or personality characteristic that doesn’t match our pictures of how a person should be. We can make a huge difference by noticing how everyone is managing life in the way they hope will work out. They aren't wrong or bad... they just see differently.

Thanksgiving... full of grace.

Genuine care blossoms when we relax and allow for these differences. Relationships deepen when we stop hoping or pushing for a person to suddenly see the light and become more like us. The Holidays offer a grand opportunity to be self aware and inspire our loved ones by showing them we can set down our old patterns and judgements, and be grateful for the blessings all around. Spending a moment to honor the paths everyone is traveling and learning from, is a kind act that opens the door to grace. We can help our family, friends, and the world, by bringing this light of understanding to our feast… how we feel moves out from us like ripples in a  pond and touches everyone. I am so thankful we know how to do this.

Imagine offering a serving of appreciation to each being in front of you by taking a moment to feel how everything is changing and that the perspectives we've held so tightly will likely come and go, as will the people we love so dearly. With our effort to honor those in front of us we begin to feel and see what matters most... the care that's there behind it all.

Sharing kindness at the table is not a small thing.


Offering care instead of criticism opens up a kind space that magically grows thankfulness. Perhaps this year as we look into the eyes of those around we can acknowledge them and offer something lasting to their Thanksgiving. We can refrain from needing to be right... about anything; the gravy, the garb, politics, religion, or the future. We can set our opinions aside for this short while and be present in gratitude for each other. Let's appreciate the diversity our loved ones perfectly offer and realize that each person at our table is searching for happiness in some way they have learned to.

People want to believe in themselves... just like us.  

We can join hearts this Thanksgiving and make a silent promise not to listen to our old stories and mind chatter. Instead, let's be in this brand new moment ready to make new memories. We can realize that everyone is dressing up in the costume they believe will bring them the attention or acceptance they long for. Let's become aware of how everyone wants to matter… just like we do.  

Let’s give our family and friends what they desire this Holiday Season and notice what happens in our own hearts as we honor everyone’s journey of hope.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones.

Love always,

Posted by Holly Riley.