Saying "Thank you" and Meaning it

Thank you! Two powerful words that can transform a moment of unrest into peace… especially when spoken from the heart.

Do we mean it when we say it?

Thank you comes off our lips so automatically that it often has no feeling or emotional vibe in it. We want to mean it, we wish we could really feel it all the time, but often we’re just in a hurry to get to the next item on our to do list and we say the words to be polite… an empty thank you with little impact.

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Have you ever had someone thank you who deeply meant it? You can feel the words come right out of their heart. When we are willing to receive it, this sweet moment can touch us so fully that it brings tears to our eyes and can even make us blush, stammer, and become humble. A real “thank you” can change an interaction from closed to open and turn a disagreement into possibility. The energy of gratitude relaxes everyone so kindness and hope can appear. Pausing… and simply noticing something to appreciate makes way for what matters most in all of our lives.  

When sincere gratitude is felt, it loosens whatever is stuck.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! If we spend a day saying these two words with the intention to truly feel them, it will color our life with heart.  Quietly whispering… “Thank you for this day, thank you for my family, thank you for my companions, thank you for the beautiful bird’s song, thank you for this challenge that’s helping me become a better person, thank you for this amazing Earth, for the trees waving in the wind, the vast blue sky, the breeze kissing my cheek, for the ability to feel, love, grow and learn. Thank you for this life.”

And, thank you to you Dear Friend, for reading these words and letting them flow into your heart. For allowing them to touch you and perhaps overflow into your family, it’s not a small thing. When we stop and look into the eyes of beloved, our children, our friends, and parents and just say, “thank you” with our hearts, we realize something. It changes things. It touches them inside and moves us too. The vibration of thankfulness travels out from us like ripples in a still pond when a stone is tossed in and makes a huge difference in life. The grace of gratitude stimulates kindness in everyone. It stops the automaticity and invites a sweet moment that can profoundly impact our relationships and the world. Awareness wakes up in the midst of appreciation, we get out of our heads for a bit and true value blossoms.

Pause, see the wonder of life, notice the good.

Be brave, be vulnerable, and as you say “Thank you” this Holiday season, open your heart and muster up genuine thankfulness. Take a few minutes to notice your blessings and feel them so sincerely that this beautiful vibration overflows into family and friends. We can each make a conscious decision to see how each person at our table is hoping to be appreciated for who they are and what they do. They may not behave like we expect or wish, but as we sit down to our Thanksgiving feast let’s take a moment to see the goodness in each of those surrounding us. Let’s honor everyone’s journey of learning, and see beyond any criticism we may be carrying. Let’s notice how each person is determined to matter and feel important, and that they all have their own way of doing it. Most of all, let’s observe that what they really want in life is to be loved… just like we do.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to look in the eyes of those at our table and be grateful they are still here with us.

I am thankful for you, your kind heart matters so very much in the world today. 

Wishing you a love filled Holiday,

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Posted by Holly Riley.