What is Allowing?

Allowing is an ability to let something move through you instead of holding onto it. Some 'thing' includes failure, criticism, fear, physical pain and heartache.

Once this understanding is put into practice and viscerally experienced there is little doubt about the liberation achieved with each effort. Three simple steps open us so we can tap into the reservoir of energy that comes with being human. Nobody is left out of this equation.

Unaware of the consequences, our habit has become to shut down when being made fun of, blamed, abandoned or worse. Understandable yet a painful and arduous way to live. We have closed down our willingness to feel pain so tightly that we've blocked our ability to feel joy as well. Life is a struggle when we are closed... nothing can get in or get out. This is how we keep repeating the past; it's our own stagnation calling it forth. In addition we attract a world of people and circumstances that match our inner state of being. The universe's job is to show us to ourselves... I have learned to call this grace.  

Holly’s personal journey of forgiveness, allowing, and honor deliver you into the arms of grace.
— Donald McKinnon, Author, Coach & Founder, Brain Power ON Program