Who can benefit?

Through Allowing, you recover creative energy from places never considered. You experience peace and freedom in your life, regardless of the challenges you face. If this sounds impossible—something that might be true for someone else but not for you—then this information is exactly what you're looking for. The only thing you need to bring along is your willingness.

Allowing works for anybody ready and willing. I was not a candidate for success and it saved me.
— Holly Riley, Best-selling Author of the Allowing materials

Why practice Allowing and the Catch & Release™ process?

  • The energy so long spent on fighting a reality becomes free to redirect toward conscious choices.
  • Self sabotage unravels as you approach patterns with awareness of the mechanics of resistance.
  • As resistance is identified and honestly owned the traps become unmistakeable and avoidable.
  • The Catch & Release™ process guides you to let go of the pain you have been unable to free yourself from.
I see how my mind has been hindering my joy, health, and peace. I have a choice by using Catch & Release to let go of the debilitating ones and help myself.
— Julie Alukas

After using Catch & Release people often report realizing how closed they had been, how they had shut down as a strategy to avoid or mask pain. With further exploration, people come alive in a beautiful way—happy to open and welcome to nurturing. Healing becomes possible. Kindness replaces blame. Taking responsibility for what they feel becomes their passion. 

The liberation felt with one successful Catch & Release will speak for itself. The steps are easy to use with children, friends and partners. The authentic connection that occurs as we guide another restores our faith in humanity and renews our sense of purpose. As you employ the third step of the process, genuinely cultivating a sensation you prefer, you'll remember what you're capable of.

As you open and feel this goodness in yourself, it becomes natural to see the goodness in others.