Where Can I Learn More?

The top ten ways you can learn more:

  1. Download and read the free chapter of Allowing.
  2. Buy and read Allowing: A Portrait of Forgiveness and Letting Life Love You.
  3. Buy, read and practice the strategies in the Allowing Handbook including Catch & Release.
  4. Buy and listen to the Let Life Love You mp3.
  5. Register for a Principles of Allowing Class or other event.
  6. Download and listen to the free guided meditation on receiving or buy and listen to the entire meditation collection.
  7. Schedule a private session with Holly.
  8. Practice guiding a fellow Allower or someone close to you through the Catch & Release process until it becomes effortless.
  9. Practice the Catch & Release process on yourself until you can do it effortlessly, unassisted.
  10. Apply Catch & Release in your life whenever you notice an unwanted sensation, feeling or experience.

And the single most important way you can learn more? Connect with others who are already practicing Allowing.