What results may I expect?

As we stop pushing against life and begin pointing our creative energy toward choices, reality transforms. When we take responsibility for what the patterns we have put on repeat and stop expecting life to change so we can be happy... a new world appears. The path to our dreams gets clearer. We decide to become the master of how we feel instead of living in a pool of blame. Health improves, true intimacy becomes possible. We finally stop pretending.  

Practicing Catch & Release is amazing. It is changing my life and I plan for it to continue changing my life forever! I love your meditations and I feel this class would help anyone and that those who have this information are blessed.
— Lucy Isbell, Artist

Benefits of Allowing

  • You realize owning how you feel is the only way to change it
  • You learn how to let go of a grudge
  • You become kinder to yourself and others
  • You start letting love in and stop expecting someone else to do it for you
  • You own your power 
  • You begin living in integrity with your self
  • You stop fighting
  • You EXPERIENCE that the decision to let go is yours
  • You become more real
  • You take responsibility for attracting goodness into your life
  • You get good at creating a feeling you choose