Hang Up Your Boxing Gloves

I had an epiphany I'd like to share…

A dear friend of mine was quite angry with herself for being unorganized. One room in her house was stacked so full it had been 25 years since she could walk in it. Her car, purse, home, and heart screamed of clutter. She was emotional as she explained how much of her life had been used up fighting this problem.

On the same day I worked with a man that had fallen two stories. He was told he may not walk well again. You can imagine the pain and turmoil he was sorting through. He didn’t believe he could heal, he tried to stay positive but he said it was just too hard. He wanted to change his belief and create more faith in his ability.

I realized they were both hurting from the same affliction! 

The subject of their focus wasn’t the issue. It was their attention, life force, and will power, focused on hating what was happening that was defeating them. They were both in a heavyweight boxing match against a circumstance... and it was a fight to the death. They were equally debilitated.

What they didn’t realize was how they were using up their healing power on resisting.

The insights they were hoping for came when they stopped fighting. As they experienced how each thought or belief they invested their energy into came with a specific feeling, they were eager to get good at having genuine healing thoughts. They discovered how disgust and resistance closed them down while willingness to Allow opened them up. After a few Catch & Releases, they were transforming anger into hope. (It only takes one good cultivation of a chosen feeling to know what's possible). Determination replaced their boxing gloves and solutions that had been invisible to the fighter were being discovered.

One good release of an old conclusion can change your life. 

Both students stopped fighting and relaxed into what I call presence. In this quiet space of Allowing healing can occur, new solutions appear, and intuitive action is born. Success is inevitable.

All my best,


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While hardship and tragedy are part of the human experience, there is a kinder way to deal with the pain than most have been taught. Releasing attention from where it hurts and redirecting it to a choice allows us to heal our wounds and assist others in doing the same. 

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Posted by Holly Riley.