Welcome to the New HollyRiley.com Website!

OK, I admit it. Some things are more of a struggle than others, even though I practice and apply what I preach. Meaning I truly do a Catch & Release on everything that comes up. Still, one of my challenges has been with technology. It never worked the way I wanted it to, but always the way I expected it to–not good. And this was never truer than when I've rolled out a new website.

I am thrilled to announce "I've worked through it!" A vision came true today, we launched a new website that matches my heart... and supports any person stopping by... with tools, videos, and inspiration so they can feel how powerful they are! This web site works, it's easy to download exactly what you are after and it will provide inspiration every time you visit us. Seriously. It's a miracle.

I believe you will be astonished, and delighted. I am!

hollyriley.com announces new website Holly Riley Allowing

So what's new? You can request your free chapter and get a link to an instantaneous download. You can buy books, request private sessions, view helpful videos, order new offerings, and get a professional-looking receipt immediately in your inbox. Most importantly, you can trust your buying experience because we are now using Stripe for payment processing. We chose Stripe because it's one of Apple's first ApplePay partners chosen for its strong security protocols. You will be amazed at how easy it is to purchase and download our digital products.

I know, I know, these are all things you'd expect from a brand you trust. And I'm so happy hollyriley.com is now one of those.

A free gift in celebration ( a 7 MB MP3 file)...  to remind you how precious life is...    

A free gift in celebration (a 7 MB MP3 file)... to remind you how precious life is... 


In celebration, I would like share a gift with you. Recently I was asked to record an audio of the sensations and awareness I experienced as I moved away from my body during my death experience. Please enjoy listening and let the words open your heart so you can feel the treasure your life is.

Posted by Holly Riley.