Attracting a Partner

Whoever comes to mind when you consider this question probably fits nicely into your idea of how a person should be. Duh! People that comply with your picture of what’s good and appropriate are the ones who’ll get the glory of your attention. 

So what do you want in a relationship? What type of person do you crave to call friend, lover, or neighbor? How would you like them to behave, what do you want them to be interested in, how do you hope they’ll act around others, what do wish them to believe in, and do you want them to look a certain way? Being honest and clear about your desires of another is a potent awareness. 

It’s important to tell the truth. I bet you know darn well what you don’t want in someone? Ever look at another human and in seconds evaluate what’s wrong with them? I’m curious; do you ever instantly list what’s amazing about your fellow humans? 

Relating is an art. Loving another requires allowing and letting go of the habit of criticism. It requires caring about another person’s inner knowing even when it doesn’t match yours. It‘s respecting the path they are traveling toward discovering themselves. I’ve yet to see two paths the exact same. Relating includes trusting that whatever obstacles appear will always lead to more clarity. Honoring differences is a profound skill.

Attracting a person that we can dance with, through the ups and downs of life, is a treasure we can enjoy. 

How? Stop pretending and remove our masks. Decide to discover and clear the sappy, sorrowful, and fearful beliefs we’ve been holding regarding relationships. Even though we aren’t conscious of these old ideas and patterns we brought forward from the past, they’re there, silently beckoning people who will match. When we clean up our signal to the world and replace it with one of choice, new humans appear. It’s a profound experience to witness. 

With each effort to be clear we get to see what powerful creators we are. This new feeling inside affects every aspect of life. When we take responsibility for the ideas, feelings, opinions, and fears we project onto the world, we begin to experience the healing powers of trust. Creating abundance becomes easier, opening and receiving becomes possible, connection without criticism blossoms, and we discover love in ways not yet imagined.

I love these tools and I wish for my family, children, and friends to have them because it is life changing.
— Linda Kavaltchouk

Posted by Holly Riley.