In the Beginning I Died

I was forever changed by my near-death experience. Through it, I realized exactly how I had become sick… and that I could heal. As I was hovering above my hospital bed, I understood that my painful thoughts, ideas, and non-forgiveness were alive and somehow stored in my body. When I looked down, I saw my crumpled form full of resentment and sadness. I was overcome with compassion for my body as I had the realization that how we think, and how we feelare much more important than we've ever understood. In the same second somehow I was given the knowing that I could let go of my past... and heal completely.

As I saw how I had been wasting my precious existence holding on to grudges and proving myself right I knew I had never given my body a chance to recover. It was when I heard the words, "Would you like to stay or go back" that everything changed. Yes, I healed completely!

Holly Riley

Holly Riley

From that new awareness, my book Allowing was born. This true story poured through me. It’s the journey of forgiving, healing, and finally letting life love me. The process offers every reader an opportunity to transform as they experience and contemplate what truly matters.

If your time in your body was coming to an end, what would you want to feel? What would you be willing to let go of?

As you turn the pages you will find your heart opening to its beautiful nature. You will see obstacles that have been transparent as you become more honest... which means you can finally let them go. You will begin to understand how you are more powerful than you have ever believed yourself to be.

It’s easier than you think, and I’d be happy to show you.


Posted by Holly Riley.