How to make a difference this Thanksgiving...

A special Thanksgiving invitation... 

In appreciation for your understanding of co-creation, please join me in creating a simple, yet profound intention to offer a wave of compassion to our world... 

This Holiday Season let's connect with whomever is in front of us, in present time, without past judgments, and with respect for the path they are choosing to learn from. While sitting with family and friends let's truly BE with them by listening free of thoughts about how they "should be" or "could be" better people. 

With kind eyes let's notice that everyone near is reaching to feel better, do better, and be acknowledged in the best way they know how... just like we are. For the short time we're together let's allow differences and understand that everyone has their own way of measuring success. Some by how they look, some by what they have, and some even do it by the attention they collect through suffering. Let's offer every type of person (self included) a gift that will multiply itself in generations to follow... let's appreciate where we all are in our process of learning and awakening. Let's be more allowing.
Let's reach to forgive the past, no matter how big or small an incident may have been. Imagine what's possible when we dismiss that old dialogue about a mistake and with it our stories about things like drinking too much, appearance, or who's right and who's wrong. The moment we stop re-creating the past by bringing it into the present, something far more valuable will appear.

This year Dear friends, let's join intention and co-create a wave of compassion with our promise... to see through eyes that realize everyone is trying to find their place in life, one where they can feel happy, and know that they matter. 
Just like a ripple in a pond when a stone is tossed in... this kindness will expand outward and touch many hearts.

Happy Holidays to you and your precious family.

In love,

Posted by Holly Riley.