The Opportunity in Each Moment

Giving Your Most Precious Gift

Each moment of life is an opportunity to be present, to see the good, to embrace the magic all around. This holiday, I invite you to start with your friend in the mirror. Treat yourself kindly! Look in your own eyes for a moment and see the amazing being looking back at you. Feel the softness behind your eyes, the sweetness of your intentions, and the depth of your kindness. 

How you feel inside matters. Decide to feel as you choose! You can emit a vibration of care to our amazing planet. As you shop, drive, work, and linger in the eyes of a beloved, allow your preciousness to touch all hearts. Allow others to touch yours. This creates a sacred life, a present life, a life filled with joy... regardless of the current circumstances.

Realize this: your presence is the greatest gift you have to offer. You become a beacon of awakening. You remind humanity of its wonderment each time you recognize your own. You make a monumental difference in our world simply by embracing the treasure you are. 

From my presence to yours,

Posted by Holly Riley.