To give we must also receive...

Do you easily accept a smile, pause to enjoy someone's care, receive a compliment and let it all the way in... how about delightfully accepting and opening a gift or absorbing the tender touch of another? Not to leave out being caressed by the ever-present majesty of nature.

Do you ever allow a moment to be all about you without feeling guilty, selfish, or like you owe someone for it?

The insanity of not receiving is this... everything we're doing in life is in hopes of sharing and experiencing a good feeling, AND it's crazy how we rarely allow ourselves to enjoy this! Look at your 'to do' list and consider your motivation. What sensation are you after for all you're doing? May I ask dear friend, when do you allow this sought after feeling to nurture you? Do you take time each day to open up and receive the goodness that is surely yours to have? Or are you waiting for someone to pry you open and fill you with happiness? I can testify... this could be a long wait.


When we decide to open up and receive... the Universe responds.

Yes, that Universe. The one made up of loved ones, strangers, four legged friends, and any form of abundance desired. When we say 'YES' to letting goodness in, reality magically responds... I was in a class several years ago where several of us were learning to allow and feel in a perceptual way. It required opening up and releasing resistance. We practiced using nature, feeling the wave of the trees, feeling the flow of ripples on the water and becoming the clouds as they were floating through the sky. It was like a walking meditation. One man in the class sat down on the lawn and became so open and connected to everything that the geese, ducks, and even some birds gathered around and sat next to him. We all watched in amazement as a squirrel actually climbed on his lap as if to study him. This man was receptive and free of judgment. It was a lesson for me. His insides attracted an outside to match.

How receptive we are has everything to do with how happy we are.

When we're closed it works the same way, it's like we're wearing a sign shouting to all near... stay clear, not open, too busy to connect or receive... and reality matches our insides by closing down around us. We end up feeling alone and abandoned and guess who abandoned us­... we did! 

The day I saw this, my life changed forever...

As I floated away from my body in the hospital bed below, I saw exactly how I'd gotten sick and as I opened and let in the profound love holding me, I suddenly understood how tightly closed my heart was. In that moment of opening and allowing I knew I could mend my broken life. I had to receive to heal.

We touch every living thing with our kindness.

The hidden treasure in this practice of being receptive is how it silently soothes our family, friends, co-workers and ultimately the world. How we feel inside matters! This energy moves out from us like ripples in a still pond when a stone is tossed in... and touches all of humanity in unseen ways.

Thank you for you,

Posted by Holly Riley.