Surrender to Success

As I allowed a sensation I’d been afraid of… it morphed into possibility.

We had a training last week on how to use many new technical avenues I’m not savvy in or even aware of when it comes to owning a business. The people I was with are brilliantly astute in geek world, a gene I’ve been slow to wake up. Mesmerized by their talent, I felt my self shrinking. I noticed an old identity in me... the one afraid of not being good enough. I Caught this identity saying things like, “You don’t need this info, just do what you want, write when you feel like it, post on your own schedule, inconsistency doesn’t matter… la la la.” I even became critical with thoughts like, “I’m glad I’m not like them, this isn’t fun.” As though I was superior for not knowing what they knew. I laughed at the old voice, understanding that an ego loves comparing and trying to prove its worth… especially when it feels stupid. 

I decided to get honest. I surrendered to this feeling of being confused. I stopped fighting it and let the discomfort be there instead of stuffing it down or pretending. I acknowledged what was present. I felt… stupid, inferior and disconnected. Oh well, I’ve felt worse sensations, so I invited all those lovely realities to exist. I surrendered to a big wave of ineptness. Boom, childhood memories of not being as smart as my classmates came alive. I felt that too. I even had a soft wave of understanding move through me. In less than a minute my awareness started morphing from closed to open. The disturbing feeling  was diminishing with my willingness to experience it. Suddenly I could hear better.

Allowing is a powerful tool for learning.

I’m okay with hurting for a few minutes so I don’t spend my life being afraid of a feeling. To me, that hurts much worse… and for much longer.

I love realizing that regardless of how painful events have been in the past, so far I’ve survived them all… and I’ve had some doozies, as I bet you have. I think it's helpful to look back and notice how we've made it through heartache and kept going. It strengthens our willingness in a powerful way. We see how relief can come quicker by inviting a feeling for a couple of minutes instead of fighting it for a lifetime.

A feeling has no power to destroy us. It’s our belief that it could… that we're in a war with.

The coolest part of surrender is that it clears the mind. The chatter finally stops. When we allow a feeling we've been opposing, the mind has loses it's ammo. Catching thoughts like, I don't want to deal with this or feel this, offer a potent opportunity to retrieve precious energy that's been trapped in resistance... so it can be used for manifesting dreams.

In joy,


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Posted by Holly Riley.