Raise your vibe

If you want to shift…  a quick way to raise your spirits is to acknowledge the goodness of your own heart. Take a minute to notice how you keep reaching to be a good person and how you never stop trying to do better. Review last week, and I bet you see this in yourself. When you become aware of your good intention, it does something. Noticing that you have your own way of adding kindness to the world is soothing. For another boost, admit how you are a blessing to someone else. 

When we focus on the good, the good gets better.

As we own our power to change how we we feel, something spectacular happens. Not only do we attract circumstances and people that match our energy, our experience of life becomes our creation. I believe taking responsibility for our vibe is a skill we develop forever... so no giving up. Every drop of effort is making a difference. Expecting to be an expert is self-sabotage.

Making yourself wrong for not being perfect is the ego’s attempt to stay in conflict - don't buy it.

Look back at where you started and see all the hurdles you've jumped, notice the pain you've lived through and the mountains of hope you always offer to others. You matter so very much. 

All my best always,

7 ways to raise your vibration

1)   Find something and appreciate it for one minute… the sky, the waving trees, your hand or the shoes on your feet.

2)   Whisper, I accept the love of ____________ (use a person or animal’s name) as you inhale. Repeat 3x.

3)   Pick a sensation you like, neutrality, joy, peace... and recall how it feels to enjoy it.

4)   Take a slow deep breath to the count of 7, hold for 7, and whisper, “I release tension,” as you exhale for 7.

5)   When driving, practice flowing kindness to a fellow commuter. Notice they are dealing with life just like you are.

6)   While waiting in a line practice noticing the good, find something to compliment about each person in front of you.  

7)   Do something kind for another.


7 ways to lower your vibration

             1)   Resist what you feel.

             2)   Blame someone else for a feeling you are having.

             3)   Criticize yourself or another.

             4)   Focus on an obstacle instead of a goal.

             5)   Repeat your story of ‘what’s wrong’ over and over. 

             6)   Seek to hurt or punish another.

             7)   Complain.


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Posted by Holly Riley.