Helping One Another...

It's amazing how we never stop reaching.

Have you ever noticed how we always want to be better? Better at loving, better at being kind, better at winning, better at losing, parenting, manifesting, better better better, at being human. It's terribly inspiring to take a minute and acknowledge... we are reachers!

Have you ever tried not to reach? It's a funny thing. The inertia doesn't last long before we desire to be something more. For those of us that like to be skilled at most everything... we event try to get better at not reaching (that's funny). Noticing how we are always looking for a new and improved technique to mold life into our dream is worthwhile. When we understand there's no end to this quest we can relax a bit more, enjoy the process we're all in, and reduce our gnawing attachment to the outcome. 

It's very kind to notice how you never give up. And holy cow, haven't you been reaching for a clean conscience for as long as you can remember? Appreciating this is powerfully sweet.

Reaching is innate.

Life is our classroom and we love having the answer.

It's helpful to recognize how our loved ones just want to be happy and that whatever they're doing right now, is what they believe will take them there. Seeing this as their learning process instead of judging them or constantly pointing out how wrong they are, opens communication. They may not manage life the way we want them to, but they are traveling their unique path. 

One way to genuinely encourage another is to remember where we started... how we used to behave, how we used to be more self centered, how we believed we knew everything, and how we softened as we aged, realizing we've been reaching to be good people all along.

Thank goodness we could change our minds... they often needed changing. 

Do we all make mistakes?  Oh my gosh yes.

Do painful and unexpected things happens and confuse us?  Many times, yes.

Do our loved ones reach to be happy and hope they matter? Do you know anyone who doesn't?

Let's rename mistakes and call them growing spurts.

Imagine talking to someone who blew it with the intention to encourage them. Speaking without any need for them to feel guilty (guilt blocks receptivity). Imagine inspiring this person by guiding them to see what's becoming clearer to them about their path through life... compassionately asking, "What's important to you, what do you want to experience?" Oftentimes this simple question awakens their heart and ignites more passion for their goal. 

Consider the gift we can offer others by looking into their eyes and believing in them as they stumble through the mistakes that come with being alive. Imagine the space we would provide by sharing... I've made big mistakes too. Yes, they're painful and can be tough to admit. I released guilt by committing to do better. I had to get honest with myself and think about what I really wanted in life, and the result of my genuine answer to this question was always profound. With each upset I became more determined to have peace inside. I learned to forgive...

And by the way, I love you.


Peace in Peace out,




Posted by Holly Riley.