Peace Doesn’t Come From Out There...

When we genuinely commit to create a feeling for ourselves... instead of hoping someone else will do it for us, life changes. After just one successful self-created blast of true joy, insight and intuition awaken. Doors open in ways never imagined possible as we realize we can cultivate the very thing we've been searching for... instead of always trying to get it from someone else.

Manifesting can be so much easier than we've been making it.

Most of us have been trying to change the people around us or fix some exterior condition in hopes that this will finally make us happy. The satisfaction is usually temporary and man, a lot of people suddenly appear that need changing (I say this laughing). As soon as we fix one condition that's driving us crazy... another five appear. Life becomes about changing external circumstances and people so they will fit our pictures. Believing that when we accomplish this, we can finally have a good feeling. When do you think you'll be done?

Ready for some really good news... when we deliberately create a satisfying feeling instead of hoping for it, life changes.

Painful life circumstances TRANSFORM when we TRANSFORM. Here's why.... people and circumstances that match our inner feelings come toward us. That's why pretending to be happy doesn't fool the universe. We're made of energy. We attract reality by what we vibrate into the world. Have you noticed reality doesn't respond to our words as much as it's matching our mood, our attitude, and our hidden feelings? If we want to know what we're sending into the world, we need only look and see what's coming toward us. I know, I know, it's not always easy to admit this, but it's worth investigating.

Life endlessly shows us to ourselves.

This becomes a profound gift (instead of a curse) as we gain skill in cultivating a feeling of choice. Success in every aspect of life becomes inevitable. Once we experience the truth of how our feelings attract their match, we can't deny that what's in front of us is coming from inside of us. Thank goodness, we are the ones in charge of what's inside! A few examples: money and opportunities flow toward us when we genuinely acknowledge our own worth (Pretending we have worth attracts something very different). The acknowledgement we desire from bosses, co-workers, family and even strangers shows up when we genuinely acknowledge ourselves. Health improves as we release the need to change those outside of us and simply create a kind feeling inside. Trusting life becomes easier as we own what we feel and it's astounding how trustworthy people appear as we genuinely trust ourselves. 

So, what feeling are you after? Would you like to have some? Can you take a minute and feel your amazing determination... your kind heart...  and notice how you are always reaching to do your best? You are amazing! At the very least can you acknowledge how you never give up? Now notice if you just created a feeling. That's not a small thing! Heck, why not begin and end your day taking charge of how you feel and have a yummy feeling with your coffee or tea! These sensations inside will summon an outside to match.

Become the amazing artist of reality you are meant to be!

If it sounds way too simple, I get it. Perhaps like me, you've learned that you must struggle before you deserve any happiness. If you swallowed that idea as a child like I did, I bet you have difficult and straining circumstances all around that require your constant attention. Have you ever considered that your commitment to managing so much chaos is evidence of your strong determination to be good, do good, and prove your worth. This old way of thinking requires that we hurt or suffer a bit before we can allow and deserve true joy.

It's a new world guys.

The good feelings we've tried to do enough or be enough to earn, can be felt NOW. Imagine the possibility of enjoying life as you live it. Imagine the people and opportunities you will attract when you feel peaceful as you go through your day or when you allow yourself room to learn and embrace the ever changing. Waiting for happiness to happen after we cross some finish line, isn't working. If we want to heal now, love deeper now, and create a peaceful family, community, and planet now, we need to take responsibility for the sensations we're carrying inside. How we feel is a silent energy that touches all near... it circles the globe.

Peace comes from inside.

Yes, trauma happens. Yes, sadness is real. Yes, loss hurts deeply. And, yes these feelings can be tucked away and block our ability to let love in. However, we have the ability to let them go and replace them with a choice! We can offer something profound to this new moment we are in by releasing the belief that we need to struggle as payment for joy. We can be free of limiting ideas with the simple steps of Catch & Release, Chapter 4 in The Allowing Handbook. It's time to enjoy life and let our hearts sing their beautiful song into the world. 


With love,


Posted by Holly Riley.