Improving Your Health

Not feeling good stinks. I bet you’re hoping for a magic cure, a solution you can believe in and count on, or at least a professional guide you can trust. When we’re suffering all that matters is getting well. We fight the disease, the diagnosis, and begin our search for something, anything that will bring us relief. 

Once diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I was extremely upset. I felt nothing could be more unfair than having a condition that was incurable. I began a frantic pursuit for options, like most people do when given news such as this. 

That’s why I am writing this, I have the beginning of a solution for you. Regardless of the ailment you may be dealing with, emotional or physical, this applies. This is how I got a peek through the disease to something much bigger. What I’m going to share was the turning point for me. However, you may not like what I’m about to say. 

I wish someone had said this to me at the onset of my disease… “Stop resisting being sick!” 

Not forever. Experiment for an hour. I’m not kidding, set down the fight, let go of your resistance to feeling bad, to hurting, to failing, to being sick, and stop pushing against suffering for a bit. I think you will find it quite interesting. Surrendering to what ever you are fighting against actually begins the healing process. I know, I know, letting everything be exactly as it is, especially when it’s really bad, feels like surrendering to failure. I promise you it isn’t. 

Allowing everything to be, with no pushing or opposing, opens a door to something unseen. Different folks discover different options when this is applied. Yet, what each person sees is perfect for where they are in their understanding. A new perspective of healing appears. I haven’t seen this fail. 

I’m not saying this is easy–it requires a commitment to allowing, to feeling some feelings, and becoming more self aware. A good friend or coach to guide you doesn’t hurt. This inquiry is worth every drop of your sincere effort. The results will speak for themselves. I know you can do this because I did it… and I was not a candidate for setting down my armor in any category of life. Here’s a short explanation of the process (The Allowing Handbook offers precise steps). 

Resisting something attaches us to it. For a visceral experience of what I’m saying recall a time when you were in pain. Remember it, see yourself experiencing it, and watch what you do when you are hurting. You may have noticed something like this: you felt the pain and tried to stuff it down, you felt it and got angry, you felt it and got sad, you felt it and wanted to isolate yourself, you felt it and hated it, you felt it and wished it would go away, you tried to ignore it, you pretended it wasn’t there, you reached for something to make you numb.  Every response here is understandable. None of them are wrong. This is how most people deal with hurting.

The above responses are all forms of resistance. They are techniques to push against pain. With Crohn’s disease my agony was off the charts. I wanted to die. When I realized my resistance to the pain kept making it worse something profound started to happen. Every time I let the hurt be there and looked it in the eye without running off, I felt better, clearer and more in charge. Allowing was health restoring and my intuitive knowing somehow woke up. It was life changing. I experienced tremendous relief each time I applied this simple strategy. As I surrendered and felt what was present I discovered truths about myself, my life, and how to heal. This is available to all of us. 

Holly’s ability to inspire...her allowance of all that is...her commitment to live in the frequency of love is truly transforming.
— Brenda Michaels, Host Conscious Talk Radio
Posted by Holly Riley.