Let's Change the World

Feeling grateful is soooo easy...

You don't need to schedule it.

You can do it while driving, eating, walking, or standing still.

It's super easy to feel as water washes over your face in the shower.

It touches everyone when you share it on a plane, train, or while waiting in line.

It magically melts negativity.

You can feel it every time you think of a dear friend that's traveled life with you. 

Or by simply noticing you have shoes on your feet. 

Feeling grateful always raises your vibration. 

So you know when it's real or when it's fake.

And you can learn how to do it all by yourself, without ever being graded.

Forgiveness happens from feeling it.

A natural awareness of the goodness in yourself comes with practicing it.

It doesn't cost anything.

It dissolves loneliness. 

Solutions suddenly appear.

Your four legged friends love it when you feel it. 

It washes away fear.

It helps heal a broken heart.

Every time you feel it, a wave of kindness touches all near.

Creating the vibration of gratitude allows you to change your world.

Let's join hands this Holiday Season and blanket our country, world, and each other with care.

Wishing you a heart full of love,

Posted by Holly Riley.