Become the Designer of Your Life | Part 2

Now that you've explored ideas about where your beliefs come from (Part 1), let's look at how they influence your life experiences. For example, have you ever noticed that you may try and change certain parts of yourself and then fall back into being that same old way?

Maybe this has happened again and again. Maybe it seems like some outdated blueprint made up of stale beliefs... instead of you... is directing your experience of being human.

How would you like to create your own blueprint, custom fit for your heart?

The first step is to honestly feel what you love about being alive. Discover what matters to you... not what you were taught 'should' matter, but what really stirs your heart and wakes up your passion for existing. 

Most of us were handed someone else's blueprint when it came to designing our lives. To find your purpose in life you must discover your authentic desires and dreams. 

The greatest gift you can offer the world is being you, fully you. 

Wake up your heart! Ask yourself what you want to do with your short time on earth. Decide what you want to be, feel, hear, taste, explore, share, and offer. Feel the excitement often and listen to the whispers of your dreams. Write them down. Imagine them. Feel them as though they are beginning right now. Taste them, see them, and sing them. You will magically begin carving them out with your vibration. 

The energy that creates worlds is at your finger tips.

This energy is waiting for you to believe in yourself and allow it to move through you. Tapping into your passion reveals the path to becoming who you are meant to be in this fabric we call life. You have your unique spot, the one only you can fill. Your next step becomes apparent when you wake up your passion and let it guide you. 

Allow this magical intuitive energy to remind you what you are capable of. It is there waiting, forever patient. Be who you long to be!

Every thread in this amazing cloth we call life has its special place. 

Where you belong can only be found with an honest look inside. It will touch everyone and eventually return to you in the form of manifested dreams. 

Begin creating your new blueprint. Keep using Catch & Release (learn more in Chapter 4 of The Allowing Handbook) to let go of those handed-down ideas about mud, life, love, and the path to happiness you read about in Part 1. 

Find your authentic passion. Dream it. Imagine it into reality. Remove obstacles and keep growing it with your energy and attention. Never give up... and watch the magic unfold!

Posted by Holly Riley.