Open or Closed

Since mom's passing I've been practicing opening up when pain appears. Not always easy but a new world is unfolding with each effort. Allowing hurt is the opposite of my training to be a successful human. I'm doing it anyway.

The moment I become aware of that shrinking feeling of closing down, I stop and take a deep breath. I allow the sensations I'm cowering from to be there and they begin to flow through me. It's a strange endeavor yet they keep moving as long as I don't resist them. It doesn't take long for them to melt and be replaced by a sense of peace that is incredibly soothing.

I have to tell you, a week of this has me more full of love than I've ever allowed before. I think Mom is teaching me from heaven... and she's smiling.

Sure, I could use her passing to crawl into a fetal position, get angry, and blame myself for not taking better care of her. Any of these responses are fine and even expected, but they're only comforting for a short time and then I sense the disservice this is to her, to my body, and to those I love. When I close and contract I actually lock the hurt inside and push it down. It doesn't take long for it to silently ooze out of me and affect everyone near.

When I open it feels like kindness inside.

I reach to connect with mom so often that I find myself exploring presence in new ways. I feel her sweet heart encouraging me to let go of every block and feel the love that's holding me.

As I discover beliefs that stop me and release them, I am blown away by the sensation I am experiencing. I feel humbled as I appreciate how my journey of becoming is never over. Thank you Mamma.

It all leads me to question... how much love am I willing to let in?

I'm removing the cap.

I would love to share this opening with you so you can experience how amazing you are and know that you too can let go of what's stopping you. Imagine allowing turmoil and fear to be used for discovering new possibilities!

That's what we do in the The Principles of Allowing class. And this time, we're going places we've never been before. Join us if your heart feels a tug.


September 25-26

The Principles of Allowing Class in Reno

Discover and become free of the beliefs that stop you!


Much love,

Posted by Holly Riley.