WAKE UP your "want to"

Desire is a powerful force...

I find it interesting that people will feel really sad or upset about something, and hurt for a long time, without doing what it takes to let it go. I always ask, "Do you really want to be free of it? Are you committed to feeling good?" They say yes, but when I ask them to describe what actions they're taking to change the suffering into peace... there's usually a lot of silence.

Do we complain about how we feel more then we commit to changing it?

We can stop suffering and help others do the same! We can commit to learning Catch & Release so life can be easier. It's enlightening to Catch ourselves in the act of not liking the same thing over and over again... and admit it's our disliking 'it' that keeps 'it' reappearing. It's weird fun to discover unconscious beliefs we hold and notice how they have everything to do with the types of people we attract, how we're treated by our partner, financial situations, and pretty much any scenario that reoccurs. By the way, this goes for both the wonderful and unwonderful. Beliefs are powerful things!

When we release energy locked up in old beliefs clarity guides the way. 

This is what we do with Catch & Release, let go of blocks that prevent forward movement. All that's required is genuine 'want to'. Being handy with this 3 step process is a treasure for a parent hungry to empower a child, a gift to a dear friend hurting, and a powerful alignment tool with business and life partners.

Assisting another to let go of upset and become source over what they hold onto, what could be better then that?  

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Posted by Holly Riley.