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The Allowing Principles and Catch & Release technique are proven methods for changing your approach to life events, relieve suffering, and create consistent feelings of well-being. We like to think you might even experience awe on a regular basis! 

What's it like to have a one-on-one with Holly?

And the great news is how easy these methods are to learn. A personal session by phone and you'll be well on your way to handling life more effectively. You'll find yourself feeling more peaceful. You'll realize with consistent application that you can feel good on a regular basis. It's likely you will understand how to make your biggest dream a reality.

What are you waiting for? Book a PRIVATE SESSION or a PRIVATE STUDENT SESSION with Holly and get started now!

Business Engagements for Your Team

What do you most want to accomplish with your business? Are you managing a small business always on the edge of failing? Are you a Fortune 50 executive whose team is having difficulty cooperating and aligning on your core mission and values? Let Holly guide you and your team to own their power of choice!

Alignment equals success! Discover how you, your employees, your partners, and your vendors can commit to your mission. Show them the simplicity of removing obstacles such as criticism and blame to make room for miracles. Let the Allowing Principles and Catch & Release method transform your team into a business that supports your greatest desires, your creative vision, and your innate genius. Create a fulfilled team so success is inevitable!

How can alignment for success revitalize your business?

Whether you need a one-time infusion of creative juice through a motivational speech or a longer term business alignment, you will discover strategies and tips designed to show you exactly how your business can achieve its full potential. 

What is stopping you? Book a speaking or alignment engagement now.

Live Group Events and Meetings

There is no better way to be inspired to adopt the Allowing Principles than to experience it in person. There are short introductory events for people new to Allowing and longer Principles of Allowing courses for people who want to learn how to adopt Allowing as a way of life. There are also follow-up support Meetings for Allowers that you can attend once you have completed a class or worked with Holly personally.

What's it like to attend a live event?

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Note: Allower* meetings are for existing students—even more incentive to be one!

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