Welcome to & the Art of Mindful Wealth Summit!

I'm Holly Riley and I am honored that Leisa Peterson has invited me to have a conversation with her as part of her Art of Mindful Wealth Summit. I am one of many speakers participating in Leisa's free event, and I invite you to join all of us in spreading inner and outer wealth and well-being over the next 21 days and beyond! 

Holly talks about becoming who you're meant to be...

I'm all about inner well-being, and I'm hoping to talk with Leisa about my near-death experience—how it taught me to fully appreciate life and how it paved the way for my life's work, The Principles of Allowing. 

And here's a little secret: watching my video comes with a surprise or two!

Please join in,


During my conversation with Leisa, I plan to walk her through a practice that helps heal any fear of being judged by others so we can all begin living in a more authentic way. You'll want to check it out so you can use it too!

Learn more at the  Art of Mindful Wealth Summit  site...

Learn more at the Art of Mindful Wealth Summit site...

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