Your presentation was transfixing and amazing. You gave our team a new perspective to change our lives. You captivated you audience and drew them in. You have helped me find a place in LIFE! I will be much more filled with understanding and compassion as a result.
— Herbert Tasker, CEO & Chairman Mason McDuffie Mortgage
I see how my mind has been hindering my joy, health, and peace. I have a choice by using Catch & Release to let go of the debilitating ones and help my self.
— Julie Alukas
Allowing is a compelling true story about courage & miracles. I could not put it down. With her back to the wall, Holly’s faith in life opened a doorway to an impossible healing that defies logic and medical science. I could not put it down.
— Robert Kirby MA, MBA, BS Director Core Energetics Institute, Australia
Your conviction, your passion, your message flows through you and I feel it. I love these tools and I wish for my family, children, and friends to have them because it is life changing. Allowing is what is important in life… this class has been so important for me – for me and for my family.
— Linda Kavaltchouk
Practicing Catch & Release is amazing. It is changing my life and I plan for it to continue changing my life forever! I love your meditations and I feel this class would help anyone and that those how have this information are blessed.
— Lucy Isbell, Artist
What I like most about The Principles of Allowing Series is how we, as a group, all move together. Letting go can be hard so the best part about if for me is having the energy, appreciation, and vibrations of everyone around me as I Catch & Release. We are such a strong support system for each other. No matter who we are, we each benefit from each Catch & Release. Learning to feel and trust our own presence is life changing. Everyone needs this.
— Lisa DiFrancesco
We think we are our thoughts and I would like people to see that this just isn’t true. Thank you!
— Mary Guerra
I love how this class always reminds me that just because I have made mistakes doesn’t mean I am a bad person. I don’t have to live my life feeling ‘wrong’. I am finally in a kind relationship with myself.
— Kahlil Johnson
The peace this series has brought to my life is so profound I want to share it with the world. There is no judgment or condemnation in this class. So much love and acceptance, everyone allows you to be right where you are.
— Randi Bennett, Escrow officer
I love the Allowing Class, each week is a new and deeper reminder that we can be present and enjoy life while we are living it. It’s amazing how often I forget this. Catch & Release is profound for me when it comes to letting go of suffering.
— Katie Hanlon
Holly’s ability to inspire… her allowance of all that is… her commitment to live in the frequency of love is truly transforming. Her Catch & Release process from The Allowing Handbook is a must for anyone ready to let go of what hurts… simple… profound!
— Brenda Michaels, Host Conscious Talk Radio

If you've read this far you have earned a treat... Holly's gift to you... a guided meditation!