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The Avatar Course

The time has come! This will be a very potent gathering. 

I have delivered the Avatar Course since 1991, and have not offered it in Reno for several years. 

To have this experience, you would normally need to travel to Florida and stay in a hotel. Instead, this will be very cozy, in our home, with a profound group of beings. The people who have already committed to attend have been on the path of awakening for awhile. This is going to be a group energy that will amaze and open us all. 

See if this speaks to you…move toward your heart… and listen. I believe this will be a powerful turning point in the lives of those that feel an intuitive nudge to participate. Some of you reading this have already felt the knowing that you are ready. If this person is you, please confirm, register and make a $300 deposit to secure your space.  


September 6, 2014 - September 14, 2014, daily from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Reno, Nevada; exact location will be provided with registration confirmation.


Living Deliberately By Harry Palmer  (please read this prior to arrival). 

ReSurfacing book By Harry Palmer (we use this workbook in section I). 

My dear friend and forever companion will be coming from Israel to deliver the course with me. A treat beyond measure for all of us. You will be guided with much love and honor. 

About the Avatar Course

There are three sections in the Avatar course, each of them building onto the next. Below is a brief description….the Avatar EPC web site has additional information. Poke around… let your intuition taste the information….  

SECTION I  - 2 Days - $295

This section is called Resurfacing. We use a workbook and begin opening up the blueprint you call you. It includes 30 exercises, lots of exploring and discovering. We practice exercises that shift your awareness to a new view of honesty, ability, and ownership. It is mind-boggling…on purpose and very liberating. You see how and why you have repeating patterns...and you see that you can let them go.

SECTION II - 4-5 Days - $500

This section is a starvation diet for the intellect. You open your heart... and quiet your mind. You learn how to feel…FEEL…you experience the part of you that is wordless. You discover, open, and begin to know in ways that will amaze you. You become deeply aware as you become this stillness. You tap into the core of your being, your presence, and you feel who you are beyond the noise. Then you will begin the creation exercises. This is a skill you will use for the rest of your life. Creating realities, creating experiences, creating viewpoints you choose. They are fun, playful, and profound. Each person has a very individual course, each student can choose to take the time to handle what they decide to handle. Each person’s experience is designed by them. 

SECTION III - 3 Days (or less) - $1,500

This section begins with a guided journey into the core of your existence, your patterns, your life, and your beliefs. You will come to a knowing of your ability to choose. A knowing that will never leave you…it only gets deeper from here. This section is where you redesign, let go, explore, and deliberately let go of your old blueprint so you can create one from your heart. The materials can take you as far as you are willing to go. It is a very personal experience, each student’s course is based on what they are ready to clear and acquire.