Downloading Made Easy

Help Downloading to Your Computer and Mobile Devices

We know... you're thinking finding instructions is too good to be true... ; )

You're welcome.

Everything we sell at is provided in a digital format as a download. This makes some people squirm. They may have had terrible experiences in the past either not getting their files or not being able to find them on their devices. They may have even had that experience at earlier iterations of We admit it. And we have also learned from that experience. Witness the evidence: instructions that will put an end to any suffering!


Links will come to you automatically (we love that)! You will have two opportunities to download your files:

  • First, when your purchase is complete, you will be returned to a page in your web browser containing links to download(s) for the item(s) you purchased.
  • Second, you will find an email in the inbox of the address you provided when you made your purchase. It will contain the identical download links. Note that, once you begin downloading, you will have 24 hours to complete the downloads before the email links expire. 


Where to Find the Downloaded File(s) On Your Computer

When you create a user account on any computer, a download folder is automatically created for that user at the top level of the user folder. If you have never moved or renamed it, you'll find all of your downloaded files there. If you have removed it or renamed it or you don't know where your download folder is located, follow these instructions to find your purchases after you have downloaded them. Note that the file name you need to search for is listed on your confirmation email you received from our store.

Windows: Find a File You Have Downloaded

Mac: Find a File You Have Dowloaded 

About Zipped Files

Zipping a file is a way to compress content to make it easier and faster to download. Think of it as one of those compression packing bags used for travel. You put all your clothes in one and then suck all the air out. You can pack more in less space. And you can tell which clothes are compressed because they are easily identified by the bag.

Zipping is like that for data. And since our audio files are especially large (we want to give you the best quality files we can), zipping them is how we roll. 

How can you tell a file is zipped? You will see a .zip extension in the file name.

So you say "great, but what does that mean to me"? It means you will need to uncompress any zipped files you download before you can use them:

Windows: How to Uncompress a File

Mac: How to Uncompress a File

Downloading Books to Your Computer

Windows: Buy the PDF version, double-click on it and read it in Window's Modern Reader application. If you are using an older version of Windows that does not include Modern Reader, download Adobe Acrobat's free reader application  and use it to open the file and begin reading. If you use Kindle for the PC or Nook for PC, follow the instructions that came with your device.

Mac: Buy the PDF version and it will automatically open in the Preview application. Or get the EPUB version and begin with the instructions here to add it to iBooks.

Downloading Audio to Your Computer

Windows: Buy any one of our audio files. If you use Windows Media Player to manage your music/audio files, refer to these instructions. If you use iTunes to manage your music/audio files, follow these instructions.

Mac: Buy any one of our audio files. Download the file. If it is compressed, double-click to uncompress it, which causes the individual file to appear in a folder named the same as the zipped file. Drag and drop the individual MP3 files into iTunes and you're done. 


Downloading to iOS Devices

Books:  Buy the EPUB or PDF version of our books. Click the  download link you receive right after you buy or use the link in the confirmation email from our store. (Note: Once you begin downloading, you have 24 hours to finish downloading all of the files in your order before the links expire.) Click the “Download into iBooks” link which follows. Go to iBooks and start reading! And if for any reason this method fails, you can refer to Apple's own instructions here... just scroll down the page halfway to the section entitled "Download Books from Other Websites".

Audio:  Buy any of the MP3 audio files. Follow these instructions to import them into iTunes and sync to your iOS devices.

Downloading to Kindle or Kindle on Android Devices

Books: Buy the Kindle version of our books and follow the directions here, where you will find methods for loading books via USB, email and the web.

Audio: Buy any one of our MP3 audio files. Connect your Kindle to your PC or Mac using the USB cable. The Kindle will appear to your computer as an external disk drive containing a set of folders. One of those folders is titled "Music". Locate the purchased files in your download folder on your PC and drag and drop them from their location on your computer to the music folder on your Kindle. 

Downloading to Nook Devices

OK, we have to be honest. We have never owned one of these devices, so our suggestions may suck. And, hey, we made an effort!

Books:  Buy the EPUB version of our books.  Follow the instructions here. And don't be offended when you see we've sent you to It's where we go when we don't know anything.

Happy Downloading!

Hope this information helps! Happy downloading… happy reading... happy listening... and most of all, happy letting life love you!