At, we teach the Allowing Principles and a Catch & Release process that are so easy they appear magical. However, we do not believe in or promote them as a "silver bullet" for solving every life problem. 

We believe in and foster living with more conscious awareness than most people dream is possible. Using our Allowing Principles and the Catch & Release techniques is a decision to increase your self-awareness, become more honest, feel more, judge less. It's a decision that life events will give you the opportunity to reaffirm over and over on your path to well-being and personal growth. 

We want to remind you of this: there is no guarantee that you will get the results you are seeking from using our principles, methods or ideas. Each of us will start from where we are, and each of us will apply the Allowing Principles and Catch & Release in the way that works for us as unique individuals. Some people will move slowly on the path to well-being while others will make miraculous progress. There is no formula for immediate success, although we have noticed that there is one characteristic shared by our most successful students. They exhibit a high level of commitment and determination to apply the tools in everyday life, until Catch & Release becomes their natural response to ever-changing life situations. Truthfully, this can take anywhere from moments to years. We know this because we have spent years using Catch & Release in our own lives every day.

So, we are here to offer you valuable information and training. We intend for them to serve you throughout your life. Will you get the same results as the people whose comments appear on our Results page? We hope so! Getting those results depends entirely on you—on the decisions you make, the actions you take and the amount of personal responsibility you exercise.

Are we understanding each other? Great! 

And thank you for making a conscious decision to improve your well-being—how you feel moves out from you like ripples in a still pond when a stone is tossed in. You will touch all those dear to you and maybe even some who aren't.