1959 Born youngest of three
1966 Nomadic life of a “baseball brat” ends
1967 Settles in Fort Myers, Florida
1980 Relocates to Reno, Nevada
1985 Begins career in real estate; co-hosts local TV show
1991 Has first near death experience
1992 Begins delivering Avatar® Course
1993 Inspirational writing first published
1994 Delivers ttraining to hundreds of people at a time
1998 Co-founds For The Love of Kids
2003 Has second near death experience; develops Catch & Releases method
2010 Authors best-selling book entitled Allowing: A Portrait of Forgiving and Letting Life Love You
2012 Authors The Allowing Handbook: Simple strategies for manifesting dreams
2012 Develops Principles of Allowing classes

Inspirational speaker and coach, Holly Riley offers tools anyone can use to surface above difficult circumstances.

Her personal journey of self-discovery, which began as a desire to understand a childhood filled with abuse, abandonment and self-blame, led her to explore metaphysics as she searched for answers to the “whys” of her life. She studied many methodologies with many teachers. 

Then came a uniquely important lesson. It showed up in the form of Crohn’s disease and spurred Holly to an even deeper reach for clarity. In the hospital, feeling hopeless, angry, and confused, she came to understand surrender as her only option. In that moment of letting go, Holly had a life changing near death experience.  

As Holly applied the knowledge she received during her death experience, she healed completely.  She discovered that there is always another way to see and feel events and circumstances as they come and go. She learned that even the greatest difficulty can be changed with appreciation and compassion.

From that knowledge came Holly’s first best-selling book, Allowing—A Portrait of Forgiving and Letting Life Love You. In it, she introduces her Catch and Release method and reveals how it taught her about life, truth and the mechanics of healing. In her next book, The Allowing Handbook, Holly describes exactly how to use this three-step method so that anyone can allow life to love them a bit more. In her Principles of Allowing Course, Holly teaches students to become masters of their attention. They become empowered to brush the dust off of their dreams and experience freedom from adversity. 

Holly’s life purpose is to encourage humanity to feel the joy of being alive. Her spirit is inspiring to everyone who encounters her whether in person or through her writing. A captivating speaker, Holly’s greatest talent is reminding people of their power to choose.