About Holly Riley
Holly Riley

Best-selling author Holly Riley has dedicated her life to celebrating and empowering people.

Following a devastating and life-altering experience at a very young age, Holly set out on a quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding. A near-death experience awakened her to the Principles of Allowing that have become her life’s work.

Holly has studied many methodologies with a variety of teachers. She facilitated the Avatar® Materials for over sixteen years as part of a global initiative to increase awareness around the world. She also trained facilitators for the non-profit organization For the Love of Kids, whose global mission was to educate and support children in becoming the masters of where they place their attention and how they spend their energy.

Driven by her faith in human transformation and guided by her passion for life, Holly’s effervescent spirit is an inspiration to those who encounter her in person or through her writing. A devoted mother, grandmother and wife, Holly’s most recent endeavor involves taking her Principles of Allowing work inside correctional facilities, where she shares her life-transforming Catch & Release technique with prisoners.  [ Download Holly's Bio ]

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Holly's first book chronicles her remarkable and poignant journey toward awareness and the magical wisdom of forgiveness.

The  includes Holly's Catch & Release™ strategy. a simple method that allows you to transform pain into peace and doubt into self-confidence.